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Why make the StompShield out of aluminum and not out of plastic or ABS?

Despite a higher cost of production we decided to make the StompShield out of aluminum for obvious durability reasons, but also for aesthetic reasons. Along with the supplied aluminum knob, we wanted the StompShield not only to be functionnal but also to be elegant so it can nicely compliment the pedal artwork on which it is installed.


Will the StompShield fit on any pedal?

The StompShield is designed to fit on any 1/4″ (6.35mm) potentiometer that has a thread diameter slightly under 7mm, which we think is about 90% of what today’s pedals are equiped with (boutique and mass produced pedals).

Some 1/4″ potentiometers do feature larger thread diameters and it is our plan in the near future to produce a StompShield that will fit on those.

We recommend before placing your order to measure/check out the thread diameter of the potentiometers you want to mount the StompShield on (see the HOW TO section for more details)


I have a pedal with a tight knob layout? Will I be able to install the StompShield on all knobs?

The StompShield has an external diameter of 19mm, which is the same diameter as most knobs found on the market. This means that if your pedal has 19mm diameter knobs (or larger) then you will be able to install the StompShield and adjust your knobs with no problem.


Check out the GALLERY section for some examples of pedals that feature tight knob arrangements and see how the StompShield fits in.


Now that I have installed the StompShield on that ‘tight knob layout’ pedal, will I be able to access each and every knob?

Before it is secured to the pedal, the StompShield can be rotated along the potentiomenter shaft axis. The side openings can therefore be positionned at any desired angle, so there is always a way to access and set your knobs.


Do I need to buy/use your aluminum knob?

No you don’t. If the factory knobs that came with your pedal are small enough to be enclosed by the StompShield, then you can use those. Just make sure to select the StompShield option when placing your order.


Will the StompShield break?

The StompShield has been designed to withstand ‘bumping’ forces that result from normal ‘stomping’ actions.

Now if you’re litterally jumping on your pedals or for some reason decide to throw one of them against a wall or on the floor, you may slightly deform the StompShield, but it will not break.


Will the StompShield damage the potentiometer on which it is installed if it’s being frequently  bumped?

This is unlikely to happen. By design, any external force will be applied directly to the StompShield and transferred to the pedal enclosure, and not to the knob or to the potentiometer.


Do you offer the StompShield in other sizes and shapes?

Not at the moment, but we welcome any custom inquiries.


In what color the StompShield comes in?

Today’s standard production color is black anodized. It is our plan in a not too distant future to offer blue, red and clear anodized as standard colors.


How difficult / how fast it is to install the StompShield?

It takes more time installing the knob on the potentiometer shaft than it does to attach the StompShield to the pedal.


Where can I buy the StompShield?

For now, on our online shop. We hope that you will soon be able to purchase the StompShield at your local shop.


If you didn’t find an answer to your question, please send us an email at contact@stompshield.com