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The StompShield is installed on your pedal in 4 easy steps


1– Remove the factory knob from the potentiometer shaft by unscrewing the set screw, or by gently pulling the knob out if it is tight-fitted to the shaft.


2– Unscrew the potentiometer nut with the supplied wrench.


3– Slide the StompShield onto the potentiometer shaft and secure it to the pedal using the the potentiometer nut / supplied wrench.


4– Mount the supplied knob and tighten the two set screws.


Repeat those steps for each knob.





We recommend installing the StompShield on one knob at the time. You want to have at least one knob in place so you have a reference when setting up the other ones to their min or max positions.

We also recommand placing the nut ‘inside’ the StompShield before sliding both parts (at the same time) onto the potentiometer shaft.